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Welcome to Zug

On behalf of the town council I've got the pleasure to welcome you to Zug and to our website. We are delighted to have the opportunity of providing you with information about our town and canton. If you are planning to move to Zug, you will find some important information relating to the local authorities, the educational system, public transport, commerce, the residential and cultural facilities and some valuable tips on everyday life in the town and canton of Zug.

As you walk round the town, even though it is busy and bustling you will find it hard to believe that here you are in the capital of one of the smallest cantons in Switzerland, with only 11 communities and just 120'000 inhabitants: in a town in which 30'000 people live, but over 40'000 work. But Zug is by no means a provincial backwater: more than 120 nationalities are represented here, giving it a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Our internationally renowned centre for commerce and the service industries are backed by excellent infrastructure, with modern educational establishments offering a high standard of education for its work force. The industrial sector, developing and producing goods to the highest technical standards, also benefits from those facilities.

For several years now Zug, both town and canton, has been focused on extending its infrastructure with forward-looking investment projects: particularly in the education, health, geriatric care, leisure and sport sectors, as well as on supply and disposal issues. New town development plans and projects for traffic control are in progress.

Esteemed guest, we wish you a very enjoyable stay in Zug and we are looking forward to welcome you as a resident, any time soon. If you have any questions regarding your stay, your moving to Zug - or about life in Zug in general, we are happy to help you. Direct contact with the local authorities is just one of the many advantages of our small and lively town.

André Wicki, Mayor

People to Contact
– Life in Zug: Martin Würmli (martin.wuermli@stadtzug.ch, Town Clerk)
– Commerce and Industry: Marcel Grepper (marcel.grepper@stadtzug.ch,
– Tourism: Zug Tourismus (info@zug-tourismus.ch)

>> More Information about Canton of Zug: www.zg.ch/en

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