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Health matters


Healthcare in Switzerland is known worldwide for its quality. The density of physicians’ offices is one of the highest in the world. Physicians are knowledgeable in modern techniques, and many have studied abroad for a few years. Hospitals, both public and private, are operated with efficiency and supplied with the newest equipment. So foreigners will find the same standards here as the ones they are used to, or even better.

This high quality comes with a price, of course, so newly arrived individuals should make sure of their healthcare and accident insurance. Health and hospitalization insurance is mandatory, but it is up to each individual to verify not only that he/she is appropriately insured, but also all the members of the family.

In the local telephone directories, under the heading "Ärzte", you will find a complete listing of doctors and dentists along with their specialities. For a list of doctors and dentists who speak foreign languages, you can consult.

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Ambulance emergency call 144
Doctor on Duty +41 (0)41 211 14 14


Hospital emergency services handle patients in order of their urgency. The cantonal hospital in Zug has a 24-hours emergency service, also for children. You may go there yourself, so don’t wait for an ambulance if it is not necessary. The hospital will ask about your insurance coverage. If you do not have Swiss medical insurance, the hospital will probably require some advance payment or financial security.

Zuger Kantonsspital (= Zug Cantonal Hospital)
Landhausstrasse 11
6340 Baar
Tel. +41 (0)41 399 11 11
Fax +41 (0)41 399 11 21

Andreas Klinik(= Private Hospital)
Rigistrasse 1
6330 Cham
Tel. +41 (0)41 784 07 84
Fax +41 (0)41 784 09 99

In addition there are two psychiatric clinics in Canton Zug plus a rehabilitations clinic. A full list of private and local authority medical institutions both within the canton and in the surrounding areas can be found on the homepage www.zug.ch/hospitals


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