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Leisure and Tourism

Being like the shining diamond of central Switzerland, Zug is the ideal destination for an interesting, relaxing stay for vacation and recreation. A very diverse range of cultural activities and almost every kind of sport and fitness activities are offered. Among many other sights, the old town with its centuries-old buildings is of particular interest.

The choice of eating places, ranges from the country inn to the gourmet restaurant. Specialities of Zug and the rest of Switzerland, as well as international dishes are available. Find the restaurant of your choice in the community of your choice on www.zug-tourismus.ch (Gastronomy) or order the Gourmet brochure (in German only) at the Zug Tourism homepage (Offers, Brochure ordering).

The Zug region offers all types of accommodation, ranging from modern 4-star hotels to simple places where the guest sleeps in straw. All the hotels throughout the canton are listed on www.zug-tourismus.ch (Accommodation). There is also an accommodation list available at the Zug Tourism homepage (Offers, Brochure ordering).

Here is a selection of the major events and customs in Zug, around the year.

Bäckermöhli January This is a yearly festival in the old town, organized by the guilds of the millers, bakers, and confectioners. Sausages and bread rolls are thrown to the children from the windows of the restaurants Aklin and Ochsen.
Fasnacht February Carnival is supposed to drive away the spirits of winter. Nowadays carnival is celebrated with ever increasing participation, and parades with unusual musical accompaniment (called "Guggenmusik") are held in the town.
Greth Schell February This festival is organized in the old town of Zug by the guilds of carpenters, turners, and coopers. By tradition, Greth Schell carried her drunken husband home in a basket on her back. Every year the children gather to shout "Greth Schällebei" and catch oranges and candy.
Chröpfelimeh February Costumed groups sing to newly-married couples in the Old Town. In return the singing groups receive wine and "Chröpfeli", a local cookie.
Seenachtsfest June A lake festival with a firework display, held in Zug.
Swiss Inline Cup July This is one of the most popular sporting events in Zug. The beautiful route around the Lake of Zug attracts many skaters and a large crowd of people to cheer them on.
Open Air Cinema July/August The cinema invites everyone to enjoy movies in the open air on Zug's beautiful beach promenade. A different way to enjoy the cinema.
Swiss National Day August 1 There are festivities in the town. Public buildings, private estates and gardens are open to the public.
Altstadt-Jazz-Night August The Jazz Night is today one of the major events in Zug. A varied jazz program provides great evening entertainment in the incomparable atmosphere at the banks of the Lake of Zug.
Zuger Stierenmarkt September Since 1898, the locality of Herti has been the scene of the annual cattle market organized by the Swiss Cattle Breeders' Association. On two market days, farmers from all over Switzerland and even from neighboring countries come to Zug to buy or sell animals.
Zuger Messe October A commercial fair
Märlisunntig December "Fairytale Sunday" for children in the city of Zug.

In the Zug Culture Calendar and on the website of the Zug Tourism Office, you can find more information about current events. If you wish to buy tickets for any events in Zug please contact Ticketcorner or Starticket.

Culinary specialities
Zuger Kirsch
Juicy cherries grow well in the mild climate around the Lake of Zug. The distillation of the finest cherry liquor therefore has a long tradition in Zug. One of the most well-known distilleries belongs to the Etter family. There are also still many farmers in the different communities who have a licence to distil kirsch.

Zuger Kirschtorte
Zug’s cherry liquor cake has a safe place in the international world of confectionery and catering. It is amazing that it took only a few years for it, to reach this kind of status. In its present form, the gateau is a relatively recent creation.

Zuger Rötel
Nearly as famous as the kirsch gateau in Zug is one of the finest trout: the lake saibling "Savelinus alpinus", known locally as the "Zuger Rötel", in French the "Omble Chevalier". In summer the fish is white, particularly when it moves from deeper to shallower water for spawning. But from September, the male changes its belly color to red before approaching the female, to make sure that there is always Zuger Rötel on the menu.

Zuger Chriesiblüete
This very popular confection has a crunchy hazelnut and biscuit base, soaked in kirsch, a mouth-watering truffle middle, and is covered in delicious chocolate.

Zuger Bsetzistei
These are small, square, truffle-filled chocolate cubes that melt on the tongue. Their shape was inspired by the cobblestones in the Altstadt "Bsetzi" – the historic part of Zug, now a paradise for pedestrians.